Alex S.

“Joel Lueck did an excellent job for us in having a red light ticket dismissed for lack of evidence. His rate was reasonable and he did a great job of communicating to us during the process.”

Jodi R.

“From day one Joel was honest and started to go to work. He attacked issues that other attorneys would not have even thought of. In the end he was VICTORIOUS! THE VERY BEST ATTORNEY that I have ever had! Thank you Joel Lueck. Would strongly recommend him to fight in your corner!”

Irene D.

“Attorney Joel Lueck exceeded my expectations in handling my speeding ticket violation. I am very satisfied with the results. He’s very detail-oriented and very hands-on on his approach and that sets him apart from all of the companies I called. He’s very prompt and very professional. I highly recommend his services. Great Service!!!!”

Doug R.

“Mr. Lueck is an outstanding attorney. The day after I hired him, my charges were dropped. Joel knows the Bakersfield area legal system and this experience is an invaluable quality when looking for a lawyer. He even negotiated on price with me after hearing my case. He is very personable, professional, and gets results. Thank you.”


“My brother got a DUI a few years back. He now recides in Texas. The ticket was issued in Bakersfield and was still pending. Joel Lueck, was able to get the ticket dropped, without my brother having to come back to Bakersfiled and face the Judge. Joel has a vast knowledge of the system and were are greatful that we were able to hire him. Thank You Joel.”


“Called him about a traffic violation. He gave me great advice on my situation. Took the tine top answer all my questions and was very honest and respectful. Gotta respect a guy that puts people first not money.”

Yvonne Y.

“My husband is currently incarcerated. He was charged with possession of a weapon and was looking at 25 to life. After the Elections, the 3 strikes law was amended, my husband was still looking at doing more time with less than a year to go. Mr. Lueck fought for my husband with vigilance. He is a GOD fearing man. A man who does right by the people who retain him. For those who are facing adversity, look up Luke 18:27, “What is impossible for people is possible with God.” Mr. Joel Lueck was heaven sent! Our sincerest thanks.”

Wei W.

“I was cited 100 mph on my ticket, and Joel took care of it and reduced the impact to a minimum level. No particular speed reported and 1 point violation. Excellent service.”


“Joel Lueck’s Law Office is by far the most professional, considerate and hands down best service ever. I had to appear in court right before Thanksgiving for a traffic ticket that I was given wrong information for and had no means of getting to Lamont, CA. After several calls to lawyers who didn’t seem to care, or they were charging $1,000 + for their services, I found Mr. Lueck. I told him my situation, he understood completely – his fee was by far the best out of everyone. And the best part, he was able to help with only a 24 hour turnaround. In the end, he showed up on my behalf to the court and actually got my ticket reduced! So, if you would like a professional, intelligent, kind lawyer to represent you for whatever it is you need help with, Joel Lueck is the person to contact. I can’t be thankful enough for his help. Thank you!”

Eric S.

“Mr. Lueck represented me in a criminal case and I was extremely satisfied with his legal knowledge and professionalism. His fees were very reasonable and he provided an extremely personal interest in my case. This is a man who cares deeply for his clients. I recommend him to all of my peers and will use him for any future legal needs.”

Briana B.

“Mr Lueck was amazing. I was worried my fiance would lose his job in the oilfields after a felony DUI with great bodily injury with enhancement, we turned to Joel Lueck. He was looking at a 3 year MINIMUM prison sentence. Joel was so understanding and nit only took care of the court stuff and my fiance but made me feel secure an at ease. The turnout at court was amazing. Mr. Lueck got the felony dui down to a misdemeanor 1st time offense and both the bodily injury and inhancement dropped. My fiance did the 2 days in jail (which was the night he got arrested for the incident) so did not have to serve any more time, 3 years court probation, fines, and dui classes. I am absolutely thankful No prison or jail time will be served and he can keep his job. I don’t know what I would Do if I had to support my household on my own. Thanks Joel Lueck. GOD BLESS YOU”

Tom Z.

“My wife and I were referred to Joel Lueck through a well respected local attorney friend of ours who does not do criminal law. Joel was up against a district attorney that was demanding a guilty plea in exchange for a plea deal. Joel worked hard for several months gathering information. He would present his investigative discovery to what ever new district attorney showed up at each court hearing and argue for a dismissal. Joel kept us current on the situation and provided support so we could make well informed decisions. Joel represented us at all court hearings so we never actually appeared in court. He never stopped fighting for us. The end result was a complete dismissal by the DA. We recommend Joel Lueck as a hard working ethical attorney who will get results.”

Dylan G.

“Joel helped me expunge a misdeanor I was convicted of many years ago. He worked diligently on my case and has helped me tremendously! He is also very personable and easy to talk to. I am glad I hired him and I would recomend him to anyone needing the legal service he can provide for you.”

Evangelina Y.

“Great Attorney! He is truly a God send. Mr. Lueck handled my husbands case ethically and professionally. For those of you who are skeptical, fearful or confused about hiring an Attorney, STOP! Your search is over. Mr Lueck is the answer to your dilemma.”

Matthew S.

“Joel was always there when I needed him and showed compassion for my situation. He is persistent in helping his clients and giving the knowledge needed for any circumstance. I would recommend Joel to anyone simply due to his personal character and his work ethic. He really is the best.”

Javrit S.

“I am a commercial driver and Mr. Lueck helped me with my speeding ticket. After he got my ticket dismissed a year later I had a question regarding my citation. Mr. Lueck was really helpful and polite with me like the first time I went in to talk to him. If you are looking for a great attorney that gets the job done and is an excellent person Mr. Lueck is the right guy.”

Scott R.

“Joel was very easy to talk to. He gave me my options straight up, where some other lawyers were beating around the bush as to what they would do if I hired them. Although my case was dismissed due to an officer no show, I would absolutely use him again if needed.”