dui charge

Why an Experienced Attorney is Essential for DUI Charges

Being accused of driving under the influence (DUI) should not be taken lightly. Each state has varying laws when it comes to a DUI charge, and the consequences can vary. Punishment can include paying a large fine or spending time in jail.


But it doesn’t just end there. Being charged for driving while intoxicated will be reflected in your criminal record and have consequences with the DMV and your insurance. Your employment can also be affected when charged.


Be it your first offense or not, you would most definitely want a light sentence or have the charges dropped entirely. For any of those situations to happen, you need to hire an experienced attorney with a specialization with handling DUI cases.


Why is it important to hire an experienced attorney?

A DUI charge is serious and can have various ramifications, including your employment. Some first time offenders don’t usually seek legal assistance and would most likely plead guilty.


However, the DUI laws per state vary and it helps to be informed about them to make the best possible decision. An attorney with years of experience in handling DUI cases can provide advice or counsel that could change the severity of your sentence.


Plea bargaining

A DUI charge will depend on the testimony of the arresting officer and your blood alcohol content (BAC). Conviction is less certain when BAC is between .08 and .11 and an attorney can plea bargain your case. For instance, the charge can be lessened from a DUI to reckless driving.


Criminal law and procedure

DUI attorneys have a deep understanding of criminal law and procedure which enables them to provide sound advice, whether a DUI charge is your first offense or not. Experienced attorneys also know how to evaluate individual cases accurately at the very early stages. As a result, the chances are high for a case – even one severe in nature – to be dismissed.


Sentence bargaining

You can plead guilty to DUI charges only if you know the exact nature of your sentence. Both the defense and the prosecution need to be in agreement on the sentence.


There are instances when you wouldn’t want to plead guilty, especially when drink driving was associated with the injury or death of another person. You would most likely want to know exactly what your sentence will be before pleading guilty. This is where having an experienced attorney is important to help you get the least severe punishment possible.


The laws concerning DUI are always changing. As such, it helps to have a criminal defense lawyer who is well versed in DUI law on your side. Hiring an experienced attorney is the first step to ensuring all your legal rights are protected.


Your lawyer will review your case thoroughly and can contest the legality of the charge or challenge the technical aspects of BAC testing. An experienced DUI attorney will help you make informed decisions on pleading a DUI case. With their help, you can get the lightest sentence possible or have your case dismissed.