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Hiring the Best DUI Attorney for You

luecklaw  -  Oct 02, 2012 , , , ,  - 
If you are charged with DUI, finding the right attorney to handle your case will be all important. This professional can assist you in making decisions, provide answers to the questions your are bound to have related to appearing in … Continue reading

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You Deserve to be Represented by Bakersfield’s Premier Criminal Defense Attorney

luecklaw  -  Sep 23, 2012 , , , , ,  - 
When individuals in Bakersfield are charged with any form of crime, they will need competent and professional assistance from an expert criminal attorney. The legal process is daunting to navigate, particularly for the criminal justice system. Just as doctors specialize … Continue reading

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Even Misdemeanor Offenses Have Serious Consequences

luecklaw  -  Apr 28, 2012 , , , , , , , ,  - 
A recent article published by Slate highlights the severe consequences of misdemeanor convictions and the fact that these consequences are often unknown to the defendants even after they have entered a guilty plea. The other troublesome aspect of the misdemeanor … Continue reading

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The Benefit of Hiring a Respected, Local Attorney

luecklaw  -  Feb 24, 2012 , , , , , , , , , , ,  - 
In communities such as Bakersfield, many people who are faced with the need to hire a criminal defense attorney mistakenly believe that retaining a “Big City” attorney from Los Angeles gives them a better chance at successfully defending themselves.  Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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