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Can’t I just use the Public Defender?

Public Defenders are attorneys that are appointed to represent you by the Court. While many Public Defenders are very good attorneys, there are certain limitations to utilizing their services: 1) Public Defenders cannot represent you until they have been appointed by the Court, which will be no sooner than your first court appearance after you’ve been arrested, sometimes weeks or even months after the incident; 2) Public Defender’s are often inexperienced, especially in the early stages of felony cases and in nearly all misdemeanor cases. While you may be lucky enough to be appointed a very experienced Public Defender, the chance of that happening at the early stages of any case is slim. The last place you want to find yourself in is having a Public Defender learn how to practice as a criminal defense attorney on YOUR case; 3) Public Defenders will have possibly hundreds of other cases on their desk, and while they may care very much about your case, they have to spread themselves very thinly to cover everybody’s case. An experienced and privately retained criminal defense attorney will have time to devote to your case.

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