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In California, DUIs can have serious consequences not only on your criminal record, but also with the DMV, your insurance, and may even affect your employment. If you have been in an accident and are suspected to have been drinking, the penalties can be even more severe. Having an experienced attorney review your case is the first step to assuring that all of your rights are protected.

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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence cases are treated very seriously by the District Attorney. Depending on the severity of the offense, a conviction for Domestic Violence can result in a “Strike” on your record and extended terms in prison. In order to know all your options, you need to have an experienced attorney.

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Drug Charges

With various different sentencing options (PC1000, Prop 36, Drug Court, etc.), it is imperative that your attorney have a deep understanding of California Drug Laws. Choosing an inexperienced attorney can lead to you dealing with more serious consequences than necessary, or even missing an opportunity to have your case dismissed.

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Sex Offenses

Sex offenses are among the most serious offenses. California’s sentencing laws regarding sex offenses can be extremely harsh. Most offenses are “Strikes” and almost all carry an obligation to register as a convicted sex offender. With such serious consequences at stake, you deserve the peace of mind that comes with having an experienced attorney that knows the law!

Theft & Robbery

California Law allows even petty theft offenses to become robbery charges very simply. Additionally, even convictions for petty theft can jeopardize your freedom and your ability to remain gainfully employed. The key to any successful defense of theft related charges is having an attorney who will investigate your case at the earliest stage.

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Three Strikes

California’s Three Strikes law is a sentencing scheme that can result in increased punishments for second and third offenses, including the possibility of being sentenced to up to 25-life in prison. It’s important to know that not all felonies are “Strikes.” Having an attorney who knows the law can mean a world of difference, particularly when it comes to “Strikes.”

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Gang Charges

Offenses dealing with gang activity are possibly the most overcharged area of criminal law. Making the situation even worse for a defendant who has been charged as a gang member is the fact that this area of the law is extremely complex and ever-changing. Anyone charged with a gang-related crime deserves the assistance of an attorney who is a recognized expert in the field.

Violent Crimes

Offenses ranging from assault with a deadly weapon, battery with serious bodily injury, attempted murder, and homicide are all “Strikes” under California Law. As such the penalties can be extremely severe. If a firearm has been used in the commission of any violent crime, the defendant may be faced with the possibility of serving the rest of his life in prison. Violent Crimes deserve a Vigorous Defense!

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